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Alkaline water Ionizer 3 Plate

Alkaline water Ionizer 3 Plate
Alkaline water Ionizer 3 Plate

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Alkaline water Ionizer 3 Plate

WATER PURIFIER: contains activated carbon and silver plated granules to remove deposits, smell, taste, color, chlorine and bacteria.

B - Ionization chamber: Contains electrodes made of titanium and platinum to separate the alkali metals from the acidic minerals mixed together in plain water.

C - an electrical circuit: to convert the AC voltage difference into a fixed voltage difference.

D - Microcomputer: to control the functions and protect the device.

How ionized water works

First: Tap water enters the water purifier, where it removes sediment, odor, taste, color, chlorine and bacteria.

Second: Pure water enters the ionization chamber where the alkali metals are separated from the acidic minerals and the alkaline ionized minerals are removed from a special exit and the acidic minerals exit from another exit

The components and benefits of alkaline ionized water

1 / Alkaline ionized water contains a high percentage of alkaline ionized minerals such as: -sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron ... etc.

Benefit: To neutralize (to neutralize) the acidic waste residue from the energy production process over the course of a second and also to neutralize the old toxic acid deposits gradually - and expel them (disposal) out of the body through the kidneys.

2 / Huge quantities of oxygen in a fixed form (-OH) 2 / where its amount is. From 150 to 200 times the oxygen in plain water.

Benefit: for a full-body health. For all organs of the body to perform their vital functions with high efficiency, for the comfort of the heart and lungs from hard work, for unusual high energy, deep sleep, to remove depression and increase exudation, to kill cancer cells and prevent their spread.

3 / Huge amounts of antioxidants

Benefit: To neutralize the active oxygen (free particles) by giving it an electron and converting it into normal oxygen that is good for the body.

4 / The hexagonal composition of the alkaline ionized water molecules so that the volume of the ionized alkaline water in this case is half the volume of the normal water.

Benefit: Rapid hydration of the body, transfer of nutrients and oxygen to body tissues and cells in a faster way and the transfer of waste and carbon dioxide out of the body faster as well.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, ionized alkaline water helps absorb ionized minerals by the body. It inhances & organizes the digestion process . It gives cooked food, coffee and tea a delicious taste and distinct flavor. And it helps to keep the blood pH at a maximum rate of 7.45 so that he does not have to pull calcium from the bones

The components and benefits of ionized acid water

Ionized acid water consists of ionized acid minerals such as sulfur, chlorine, nitrate, phosphorus ... etc.

Benefit: a very strong oxidizer. Kills all types of bacteria .

1 / Helps heal cut wounds, cutaneous pimples, and many serious wounds.

2 / helps heal ulcers from diabetes.

3 / It has a quick and effective effect in relieving pain and the effects of poisoning from pulp and oak.

4 / Hair Cleanser and gives it a distinct beauty after washing, wonderful and great for the skin.

5 / Effective for chapped hands, dry and itchy skin.

6 / An excellent treatment for acne, eczema and skin diseases.

7 / Effective in relieving sore throat and mouth ulcers with rinsing and gargling

8 / effective in removing plaque from the teeth and replacing the toothpaste.

9 / An excellent treatment for fungi, especially those affecting the feet of athletes.

10 / Wash fruits, vegetables, meat and fish to kill bacteria.

11 / Strengthening plant growth, general health of herbs, herbs and grains (wheat).

12 / Extend the life of the cut flowers.

13 / Excellent for batteries of cars, trucks and boats.

14/ Made in Taiwan

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